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When we change our office telephone service in the next week or so, we will have to make some changes in our office email accounts. (Currently our telephone service provider, Deltacom handles our email. Our new Email provider will be Yahoo Business Email. This will not change your current email address, but we will have to give some information to Yahoo about your email account in order to keep it working.

We will need to send this information to Yahoo in advance of the change.  You will not lose any of your current email or address book contacts. A little information will be required to set up your new account. With all the proper information set up in advance there hopefully will be no interruption in your email during business hours on the day of transfer.
(Date to be determined)

Information Needed
- Your Name:

- Your Office Email Address:

- Your Office Email Password:

- Do you need to access your office email when away from the office, such as from a home computer, ipad, or

- Do You Have a personal or AT&T Yahoo email address? If so, we need to know what that address is
   (If you want to access your email when away from the office you will have to have a personal yahoo email address.)

To set up a Personal Yahoo Account Click Here    


New Email Settings For Microsoft Outlook On Your Office Computer. These setting are not to be set up until the day designated to make the change.

From the top Menu Choose:
- Tools, then - Email Accounts, then "Add a new e-mail account" and click "Next"
- Choose "Add", then choose POP3, then click "Next"
- Fill in the form
- Choose "More Settings", then Click the Advanced Tab
- Check the boxes under "Incoming server (POP3)" and "Outgoing server (SMTP)"
   Then enter the number 995 next to Incoming server (POP 3)
   Then enter the number 465 next to Outgoing server (SMTP)
- Then click on the "Outgoing Server" Tab, and click the box that says "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentic
- Then click "OK" at the bottom
- Click "Test Account Settings" (look for errors)
- Then click "Next" at the bottom of the Email Accounts Setup Window

Finally, Go back to the Email Accounts Settings
-  Tools, then - Email Accounts, "View or change existing e-mail accounts"
- Highlight the old deltacom account and choose "Remove"



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