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Sulzbacher Ministry Monthly Supper

The 4th Monday Each Month

January 22 February 26
March 26 April 23
May 28 June 25
July 23 August 27
September 24 October 22
November 26 December 24

To volunteer, contact Ruby Peters at 448-6555 or


Since 1996 the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless , has provided nutritious meals 3 times per day, every day of the year, to anyone who is hungry. Since 1996, parishioners from San Jose Catholic have served over 68,000 meals at the Sulzbacher Center. In 2009 alone, 153 parishioners gave 342 hours of their time to serve over 5250 meals. 

Twelve to twenty parishioners volunteer to feed the homeless every month.  Volunteers need to be age 12 or older.  No one person goes every single month.  Sometimes a ministry will go as a group.  The Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts, Women’s Social Circle, Comite de la Providencia and members of a former guild are some of the ministries that have served together.  

Four to six “cooks” arrive at the Center at 3PM to prepare the meal for about 420 people.  No culinary experience is necessary, just the ability to follow directions.  About 10-14 servers arrive at 5:30PM.  Two serving lines are simultaneously plating the food, which are then handed to a staff member who distributes them to the residents as they pass by the serving windows.

Volunteers can bring an apron from home or wear a disposable one provided at the Center.  Hair must be covered by either a baseball cap volunteers can bring with them or one of the lovely hairnets which are also provided.  


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