Our journey of moving Forward in Faith, Love, and Service: Renewing Our Spiritual Home Capital Campaign is officially about to begin! The kickoff of our campaign will take place next weekend, October 1-2. Soon after, every family will receive an invitation to participate in our campaign including a case study and a personal financial consideration to support and invest in the future of our church and school.

In advance of you receiving the information, I wish to express some insights regarding our campaign and what is being offered:

  • Reflect and Pray

As part of your preparation, I ask that you spend some time reflecting on the future of our church and school and your contribution to that vision. Pray and ask the Lord for guidance. Give in a way that represents the blessings that God has bestowed upon you. Consider praying our campaign prayer as you discern your gift:

Gracious God,

We thank you for the abundance of love and grace that you have bestowed upon the faith community of San Jose.

We praise you for the good works being accomplished in our parish and ask you to fill us with love, hope and charity as we embark on our campaign to ensure the future of our parish family.

May the Holy Spirit guide and unite us as we move forward in faith, love, and service.

We ask this through Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.


St. Joseph the Worker, pray for us.

  • Invitation not Expectation

Every household will be asked to consider a specific commitment to the campaign. While a great deal of thought went into each request, your personal discernment of the sacrificial gift that you wish to make may be different.  Whether the amount is higher or lower, please be assured that your offering will benefit and enrich our community for generations to come.

  • Shared Responsibility

Just as we are one Body in Christ, so we all equally bear the responsibility of caring for our spiritual home.  The opportunity and the obligation of this campaign rests with the entire parish community to ensure its success. This means generosity and sacrifice, not only monetarily, but also in gifts of time and talent.  Most especially, your prayers are needed as we undertake this incredible journey of faith, love and service!

I look forward to seeing you next weekend for the official kickoff of our campaign and am excited to witness the continued outpouring of generosity and love that has always been a hallmark of this parish.  Truly, You Belong Here!

God Bless,

Father Remek Blaszkowski