The History of the Mystica Rose 

The story of the Virgin Mary Rosa Mystica  also known as the mystical rose and mother of grace, goes back to the first centuries of Christianity. It was in the fifth century when, according to records of the Church, the figure of the rose was a metaphorical sign of the Virgin Mary.

In the Shrine of Rosenberg, in Germany, the image of the Rosa Mystica is venerated since 1738. 

But it was not until 1947 after the mystical rose appearances in Montichiari, a town in Italy, when his devotion and message spread to the world whole. Pierina Gilli, a humble Italian nurse, was chosen by the Mother of God for her many appearances, divided into three

The first was in the spring of 1947 when the Lady appeared to Pierina asking for “Prayer, Penance, reparation.” The Mystical Rose was seen for the second time on Sunday, July 13 of the same year. She was dressed in white and on her chest she wore three roses:

  • A white one, which symbolizes the spirit  of prayer and devotion                                
  •   A red one, which represents the spirit of sacrifice and the 
  • A golden or yellow which means the spirit of penance. 

The Virgin appeared to Pierina five more times in that same year.

The second stage of the revelations of this virgin began in 1966 in Fontanelli. It is a field of Montichiari where Pierina had moved, and ended in 1968. To then re-appear from 1970 to 1991, the year in which Pierina passed away.