The love that spouses share in marriage is a of the image of God’s perfect love for humanity.  Couples preparing for marriage should contact our priests at least eight months in advance.  We will accompany our parishioners in their preparation leading to their wedding day and married life.

Marriage Preparation

These steps are a general guide and not an exhaustive list of everything you need to do in the Diocese of St. Augustine to prepare for your marriage:

Contact the parish and request to meet with a priest or deacon. He will set a course of marriage preparation for you and provide you the necessary materials, forms, and resources. He may also assign you to a marriage sponsor (or mentor) couple if your parish has this ministry.

Please be prompt in arranging your first meeting with your priest or deacon. The Catholic Church requires at least 8 months of marriage preparation before the actual wedding. This means that the date set for your wedding must be at least 8-12 months from the date of your first meeting with the priest or deacon, regardless of how long you have been engaged prior.

“A man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife and the two shall become as one.” Genesis 2:24