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Super Bowl BBQ Feast

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the Super Bowl BBQ Feast. Visit,

or see a Knight after 8:30 & 10:30 Masses.

The feast will be ready for pick up in the Parish Hall on game day, February 12, 11am-3pm

Total package: $95.00

(only 70 packages will be sold)

Capital Campaign Updates Oct. 22-23

Thank you for all campaign volunteers who made last weekend’s official public launch of our Forward in Faith, Love, and Service campaign a success! Our parish and school family has already raised $6.4 million toward our $10 million goal! We have just $1.2 million to go to reach our $7.5 million Celebration Goal. Will you please join us?

By now, you should have received a campaign appeal packet detailing the campaign goals and my personal appeal to you for a campaign commitment that I would like you to prayerfully consider. Please review the campaign material, pray about your response, and continue to spread the excitement about the great changes happening at San Jose parish and school!  

I have asked each of our campaign volunteers to meet personally with members of our parish family. If you receive a call, I kindly ask that you: 

  • Take the call or return the message. Do not avoid talking to our volunteers. It makes their job more difficult and puts them in a position where they must keep calling in an attempt to reach you. 
  • Meet face-to-face, if possible. If you are asked to meet, please give our volunteers 15 minutes of your time. They are not trying to twist your arm, they just want to explain briefly the campaign goals, answer your questions, and receive a decision about your participation. 
  • Return your Pledge Card

If you received a pledge card inside your packet of materials, you will likely not be called by a campaign volunteer. Please discern your involvement in the campaign, fill out the card and return it in the envelope provided.

  • Your Gift Matters!

Remember, the letter you will receive from me includes a financial request. As we have bold needs, I am making a bold request. But please know that it is not an expectation. It is an invitation. I invite you to reflect upon our parish, its future, and your important role in this campaign. You may not be able to give what was asked. You may be able to give more than was asked. Whatever that decision is, know that your commitment is deeply appreciated and a true blessing to our parish!

In His love,

Father Remek Blaszkowski


Welcome our New Seminarian, Charles Bemis

Greetings to everyone at San Jose! My name is Charles Bemis, I am a seminarian for the Diocese of St. Augustine and began my pastoral year here at San Jose on August 18. I’ve been a native Floridian all my life, born in Tallahassee before moving to the Jacksonville area nearly twenty years ago. My home parish is St. Luke in Middleburg, and I am the oldest of four children, growing up in a household that definitely prioritized faith in the Lord and trust in his mercy. My fondest memories come from my grandparents bringing me to Mass as a young child, where I developed a genuine love for Christ and His Church. In 2016, after much prayer and discernment I entered seminary formation at St. John Vianney College Seminary in Miami. Currently, I am a student at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach. These past six years have certainly been one filled with an abundant of blessings and I am eager to become a part of this large and enriching Church community