Serving at Mass

Welcome to the Liturgical Ministry page of San Jose Catholic Church!

We believe that active participation in the liturgy is a beautiful way to deepen your faith and contribute to the worship experience of our parish community. At San Jose, we offer various opportunities for you to serve during Mass and play an important role in our worship.

Altar Servers

Purpose/Responsibilities:  To assist the priest at liturgy on Sunday, at weddings, funerals and on important feast days of the year. 

Time/Skills: Scheduled at least once a month. Boys and girls age nine and older who have celebrated First Eucharist are eligible.  Training is provided.

Coordinator: Diana Cratem |


Purpose/Responsibilities: To proclaim the Word of God at Sunday and other liturgical celebrations.

 Time/Skills:  Each lector usually serves about once a month.  The group meets periodically as needed.  Workshop on proclamation and presentation required. Completion of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation is recommended.

Coordinator: Lisa Frison |


Purpose/Responsibilities: Greet Parishioners, assist with seating and take up collections.

Time/Skills: Flexible time commitment, usually once or twice a month.

Coordinator: James Nackashi |

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Purpose/Responsibilities:  To assist the priests and deacons in distributing Holy Communion at all masses.

Time/Skills:  Training in the ministry and spiritual formation regarding this sacrament are required.   Minister will need to be at assigned masses early and stay after. Minister will be assigned 2-3 weekend masses in a 3-month scheduling block.  Minister can volunteer to substitute.  Ministers can also choose to serve at weekday masses or to bring Holy Communion to those unable to attend.

Coordinator: Jo Ann Millard

Greeting Ministry

Purpose/Responsibilities:  To welcome all at weekend liturgies; to assist in distributing bulletins and other materials before and after mass as needed.

Time/Skills:  Once or twice per month, 20-30 minutes before and after mass. Greeters should be outgoing, friendly, and hospitable.


Purpose/Responsibilities:  The Sacristan is always under the general direction of the clergy. They undertake the overall preparation of items needed for liturgical celebrations such as cruets, chalices, ciboria, linens, oils, processional crosses, candles.

Time/Skills: Scheduled once or twice per month, 20-30 minutes before and after mass. 

Coordinator: Jeni Obi

Ministry of Care

Purpose/Responsibilities:  Serves our parishes infirmed and homebound parishioners, including those in assisted living/care facilities.

Coordinator: Carol Lukach | (904) 699-5556

Digital Ministry (Liturgical Tech Ministry)

Purpose/Responsibilities:  The Digital Ministry operates the technology that is incorporated into the church facility. Members/Volunteers learn to operate the church LED Wall projection system and our Parish Livestream programs. We also present the lyrics and prayers at all Masses.

Sequence: Some training involved. Accessible binder with instructions is available as a reminder of steps. If you are volunteering in a specific Mass, please arrive 20-30 minutes early to setup.

Coordinator: Emily Palaj | (904)733-1630, Ext. 115 |

Interested in volunteering for the digital ministry? Please fill out the form at the link below and the ministry coordinator will contact you shortly.